Tarkov Halloween Guide: Beat Zryachiy And Escape The Cultists

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Escape From Tarkov’s intense Halloween event is live now and players are finding themselves coming face-to-face with a super-powered, vengeful Zryachiy, backed up by a horde of bloodthirsty Cultist enemies. It’s a relatively complex event with a lot of caveats, but fear not – we’ve broken down the steps you’ll need to follow to beat Zryachiy and get out alive.

Tarkov’s Halloween Event is One of the Toughest Yet

At the moment, the Tarkov Halloween event is challenging players the world over. Even the most seasoned veterans are being effortlessly laid out by vengeful Zryachiy and his cohorts, despite their best attempts to load in with as much preventative equipment as possible.

Here are the most basic steps to follow to take part in this year’s Halloween event in Tarkov:

  1. Load into whatever map you desire and find Zryachiy – he’ll be friendly and he’ll offer you gifts, provided nobody else has ‘triggered’ him.
  2. Kill Zryachiy to trigger the core of the event, and at this point, every extract will go on lockdown for other players – but they’ll all open up for you.
  3. Now, you can leave at this point, or continue with the event in earnest.
  4. Once Zryachiy is dead, a beacon will beam up into the sky – you’ll have seven minutes to reach that beacon and disrupt a Cultist ritual that’s taking place around it.
  5. If you kill every Cultist and shut the ritual down, the event will end successfully.
  6. If you fail and the timer runs out, a ‘vengeful’ Zryachiy will spawn with almost 40,000 HP and he’ll immediately try killing everything on the map.
  7. If you kill him, you’ll be greatly rewarded, but it’s almost certainly game over if you fail to stop the ritual.

There are a few tricks and tips that you can take with you into this fight. For instance, during this event, only the Perfotoran and the xTG-12 stims will defend against Cultist poison. Speaking of Cultists, they can now be seen slightly through thermal optics and their footsteps aren’t entirely silent.

If you fail to stop the ritual, you’ll pick up some irritating debuffs – such as one that keeps jamming your weapon – so be prepared for that. It doesn’t impact weapons with a revolving chamber or the PPSh-41, but they’re almost useless against Zryachiy.

Have you managed to take down super-powered Zryachiy yet?

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