The Day Before Was “Never An MMO”, Ex-Developer Says

The Day Before MMO

Information of what The Day Before was, or wasn’t, continues to come in ever since developer Fntastic announced it was closing its doors on Monday. The latest comes from an ex-developer at the studio who says The Day Before was “never an MMO” despite messaging to the contrary.

Speaking anonymously to DualShockers, the developer admits that the game was never going to be the type of game players were being told about and shown.

“I never saw it as an MMO project,” the developer told the outlet. “No one from our team knows why they called it an MMO. It was always a third-person shooter with some co-op mechanics. Not one RPG mechanic was implemented — skills were an idea, and they were in the prototype stage, but nothing more.”

As far as the game’s marketing showing one thing while the game itself was being built in a completely different direction, the developer said no one at the studio was given any clarity. It was as if the executives were hiding something from everyone else because what they were promising just wasn’t possible.

“Technically speaking, there were no RPG mechanics implemented,” they said. “There was no possible way to put a lot of people in the world or make the world bigger.

“From the beginning, the idea was that servers would be under 100 people — that is not an MMO. No clans, no raids, closed hubs. It’s been that way for over two years,” they explained.”

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  1. In one way I feel bad for them, but they shot themselves in the foot with how they sold the game.. or lack of..

    On the other hand, the vile garbage that is the gaming community.. just gets more entitled and demanding by the day..

    You didn’t deserve what they promised anyways.

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