The Crew Motorfest: Hours of Gameplay Leaks Ahead of Ubisoft Event

the crew motorfest

Moments ago, it was revealed that hours of gameplay footage from The Crew Motorfest has been leaked online, with up to three hours of content being shared from a Ubisoft closed testing phase. It started with a twenty-five-minute video, but this was expanded when a clip stretching beyond two hours was uploaded online.

It’s a full-blown showcase of The Crew Motorfest, revealing menus, customisation, races, some of the vehicles featured in the game’s massive catalogue of cars, and some in-game elements like weather and the day-night cycle.

Well, It Almost Made It

During the Ubisoft Forward event on June 12th, The Crew Motorfest was set to receive a sizeable showcase that would include a surprise announcement, according to reports. While that surprise remains under lock and key, it’s a blow to the developers that such a lengthy gameplay demo has been leaked online.

In the video, we see gameplay captured on a PlayStation 5, heavily watered and suffering from a poor bitrate, but it’s enough to see what’s going on. It seems that the user who leaked the content is also identifiable by on-screen text prompts, which means someone may be expecting a knock on the door from Ubisoft’s lawyers – who knows?

For the best perspective possible, it’s advisable to wait until the official showcase on June 12th, during which the future of Ubisoft’s operations will be uncovered – including what could be gameplay for the all-new Assassin’s Creed Mirage.

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  1. Haha nothing really leaked that’s very minor compared to what is Motorfest as there is so much to tell but the world will see on event day

    1. Playing it right now, but can’t say much other than is more Crew 2 with Forza horizon mixed.

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