Tarkov Arena Beta Goes Live Tomorrow, December 17

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More than seven years after Escape From Tarkov launched, Battlestate Games’ expansion to that universe is being released (as a beta). Tomorrow, December 17, the ‘first wave’ of players will be invited to the Tarkov Arena beta, to enjoy the all-new, session-based multiplayer game that features many of Tarkov’s hardcore elements, wrapped up in a more accessible, forgiving, and traditional package.

We Waited For This

It has been a long time coming. It was months ago that Tarkov Arena was announced by Battlestate Games, and throughout the year, snippets have been made available through exclusive previews, or most recently, through the game’s developing esports scene. At present, some top-tier teams are duking it out in Germany, taking part in Tarkov Arena’s first esports tournament, which totes a massive €100,000 prize pool.

Here’s the latest trailer for Tarkov Arena:

Tarkov Arena will start being deployed tomorrow, December 17, exclusively for those who purchased the ‘Edge of Darkness’ edition. It’s expected that this portion of the player base will be invited to the beta in full before it is made available to a wider audience. For those that purchased ‘EOD’, Tarkov Arena is free, but for anyone else, there’s a cost involved.

Tarkov Arena has already picked up positive feedback from players, offering a different edge to the hardcore, challenging experience that is Escape From Tarkov and giving fans of the franchise something else to appreciate outside of the series’ extraction shooter staple.

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