Many Developers Working on Switch 2 Games, Survey Reveals

Nintendo Switch 2 Backwards Compatible

A recent GDC ‘State of the Game Industry’ survey revealed that 8% of respondents are actively working on a game for a ‘Nintendo Switch successor’. In the 37-page report, GDC takes a deep dive into the game industry, pulling metrics together from every conceivable angle. Out of 3,000 developers targeted as part of the report, almost 300 said they’re working on a game for the Switch 2 – and 32% of respondents are ‘looking forward’ to the next Nintendo console.

When Is The Switch 2 Coming?

At present, there isn’t much to say about Nintendo’s next console, which is widely believed to be the Switch 2. Many expect an announcement to surface in the coming months, but everything is based more or less on conjecture at the moment.

That hasn’t stopped countless rumours surfacing over the last few months, though. For instance, it has been claimed that the Switch 2 would feature a much punchier GPU and an OLED display from day one – not as part of a later upgrade. In one claim, it was suggested that the Switch 2 would have graphical capabilities ‘on par with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X’, which could be taken as a huge reach.

Regardless, Nintendo fans are finding themselves sitting patiently awaiting news of whatever comes next for Nintendo. Rest assured we’ll be covering whatever is revealed here first at Insider Gaming.

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