State of Decay 3 Finally Gets a New Trailer

state of decay 3

It has been four years since the last State of Decay 3 trailer was released – and for the most part, the fans eager to receive some more information have all but given up hope. Until now, that is.

During the Xbox Games Showcase, Undead Labs revealed another trailer for State of Decay 3, sending the crowd wild for another installation of this open-world, post-apocalyptic sandbox series. It has already been six years since the last State of Decay title, and more than a decade since the first game surfaced – but finally, we have another glimpse at what’s coming next in State of Decay 3.

That Took Long Enough

State of Decay 3 may have received a lengthy trailer in 2020, but it didn’t give too much away. That’s where the new trailer is different, as Undead Labs took this opportunity to reveal plenty about the upcoming zombie-themed epic.

Here’s the new trailer for State of Decay 3:

It’s a fairly emotional trailer but it showcases the classic elements we’ve come to expect from State of Decay. There’s plenty of zombie-slaying action that unfolds, but we also get a glimpse at how team mechanics and survivors will function in the game. There’s a juicy look at some new mutated variants and a flash of the environment, and it all looks unmistakably State of Decay.

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