Bethesda Reaffirms Starfield Will Launch ‘First Half’ of 2023

starfield support page

Bethesda Game Studios has pushed live the support page for Starfield, and with it, it has reaffirmed that the game will launch ‘in the first half of 2023’. Recently, delays were announced that impacted Bethesda-related titles, and there are expectations that Starfield may also suffer from a further postponement, given that it should have already launched in November 2022.

Regardless, it’s another confirmation from the developer that there may be just a few months before the game hits shelves worldwide. It’s exciting news for the gaming community at large, as there are plenty of people who believe that Starfield could be one of the greatest games of all time.

Will Starfield Be The GOAT?

When it comes to constructing open-world adventures, Bethesda Game Studios (and any subsidiaries or sister studios) typically never fails. Last year, Todd Howard took to the stage at the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase to reveal a massive amount of information about the upcoming Sci-Fi RPG epic.

It was revealed to be a near-endless game, boasting one thousand explorable planets, unparalleled levels of customisation, and the RPG elements that players have known and loved for years in Bethesda’s flagship franchise, Fallout. With the Starfield support page going live, players now have a window to work with – the ‘first half of 2023’.

It’s vague, but it’s something. It’s worth bearing in mind that Starfield has been in development for several years, and it’s the culmination of the work of one of the most impressive development studios in the business. According to Todd Howard himself, Starfield is the most ambitious product that Bethesda Game Studios has ever undertaken.

When Starfield launches, it’ll be deploying exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC platforms – sorry, PlayStation fans.

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