Starfield’s Play Testers Say The Game ‘Exceeds All Expectations’, It’s Claimed

starfield expectations

It was revealed during an episode of the XNC Podcast that Starfield’s play testers are being blown away by the size and depth of the game itself. Reportedly, all expectations are being exceeded, and there are claims emerging that Starfield is ‘bigger and more ambitious than what was previously expected’.

These claims originate from Colt Eastwood, content creator extraordinaire, who has suggested that he has heard from multiple sources within the project. In his words, play testers are stating quite clearly that this is a game far bigger than anything Bethesda Game Studios has done before, effectively dwarfing Fallout or Elder Scrolls.

Of course, with 1000 explorable planets, we did kind of know that.

How Has Starfield Exceeded Expectations?

Eastwood said quite clearly that he doesn’t want to accidentally oversell Starfield, Bethesda Game Studios’ upcoming sci-fi RPG, but what he’s hearing is extremely positive. In fact, he’s directly suggested that even players who were originally apprehensive about Starfield have had their opinions completely swayed for the better.

Apparently, Starfield takes what BGS did so well with Elder Scrolls and Fallout and improves on it immeasurably.

There’s no doubt that Starfield is the biggest game that Bethesda Game Studios has ever – and likely will ever create. It’s a space-faring adventure like no other, rivalling the likes of No Man’s Sky in its expansiveness. With hundreds of planets to explore, a rich, deep story, dozens of factions, and near-infinite potential for the game to literally last forever, Starfield should be nothing short of an epic title.

Recently, the support page for Starfield went live on Bethesda’s website, and with it came the reaffirmation that the game will launch in the first half of 2023. Following a development cycle that has lasted several years and a lengthy delay, fans are chomping at the bit to get stuck into Starfield.

Bethesda went on record recently to explain that it’ll be possible to visit Earth in Starfield. The developer also revealed a branching story wherein the wrong choice can lead to the irreversible death of a character, and where factions are much more important than they ever were before, and they can’t simply ‘be led’ by the player.

Hopefully, we’ll see an Xbox showcase in the near future, and it’ll bring with it an updated launch date for Starfield.

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