Starfield Passes Skyrim In Peak Concurrent Players On Steam

Starfield Passes Skyrim In Peak Concurrent Players On Steam

It took less than a week, but Starfield has passed Skyrim in peak concurrent players on Steam.

According to Steamdb, Starfield has a peak player count of 330,723 players on Steam. In comparison, Skyrim only peaked at 287,411 on the platform.

As far as console players are concerned, there’s no public data available to compare the two games. The only numbers we have to go on in that sense are what the publishers provide. And, so far, Starfield has been played by over 6 million people total, according to Bethesda.

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Since its worldwide launch on September 6, Starfield has become a divisive game within the community. From review bombing to it “being better” because it’s an Xbox console exclusive, there’s been no shortage of talking points about the game even outside of the game itself.

Within the game itself, there has been a mixed response from some viewing it as one of the best games of the year to others believing it didn’t live up to the hype. Either way, it’s clear Starfield has been nothing short of a success for Microsoft and Bethesda.

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  1. Imagine finding it impressive that a 2023 beat a 2011 game in player count. The fact that it took so long shows how underwhelming Starfield is.

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