Starfield is the Biggest Bethesda Launch in History


It has been revealed that Starfield has surpassed six million players, which officially makes it the biggest game launch for Bethesda ever. Since launching into early access last week, Starfield’s popularity has surged on all platforms, and it was revealed that on launch day, more than one million people were concurrently playing Bethesda’s all-new space-faring epic.

On Twitter, the official Starfield channel broke the news that a stunning milestone had been punched clean through. As of right now, Starfield is more popular than any Elder Scrolls or Fallout game ever made – and that player base continues to grow as the weekend approaches.

Will Starfield Beat 10 Million in a Week?

It’s possible – as the weekend gets closer, there will be a surge in players getting their first taste of Starfield. In recent days, Starfield has exploded, dominating social circles, streaming platforms, and sales charts the world over. It was suggested that a whopping two million players picked up the game in early access, spending at least $100 each to soak up that key benefit.

Despite review bombing taking place and some controversial content creators using a negative sentiment to farm views, there’s no doubt that Starfield is a phenomenal game. It’s not perfect, but it’s absolutely brilliant, immersive, and quite well-built.

I’m nearing 50 hours in Starfield, and I can count on one hand the number of bugs I’ve experienced – and none of them have been disruptive. I just don’t want to put the game down.

Have you already started playing Starfield or are you yet to get involved?

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