Rumours Suggest Starfield Might Be Delayed… Again


Now, we’ll urge you to take this one with a pinch of salt, if only to spare your sanity from another potential delay of Starfield, arguably the most highly anticipated game ever.

Recently, on the Defining Duke podcast (which focuses on the Xbox ecosystem), YouTuber MrMattyPlays claimed that he has heard from a trusted source who suggested that Starfield – which has been in development for several years now – may have been delayed again, this time into the second half of 2023.

It’s by no means a far stretch to suggest that this is true, as at present, Bethesda Game Studios has been unwilling to drop a solid launch window for the epic space adventure.

Could Starfield Be Delayed Again Again Again… Again?

Last year, Bethesda Game Studios announced another delay for Starfield, which was due to release in November 2022. In this update, it was explained that a little longer was needed to perfect the game, and it would ultimately drop in the ‘first half of 2023’. That’s as close to a specific launch date as we were offered.

Since then, BGS has gone quiet on any potential dates, but the developer has been providing regular enough updates on the status of the title in terms of its progression.

Here’s the official gameplay trailer that dropped last year:

Now, back to the pinch of salt discussion.

MrMattyPlays claimed on the podcast that ‘it’s possible’ that Starfield could be delayed again, being pushed out to the second half of 2023 to allow BGS to apply the finishing touches to one of the most eagerly anticipated games in history.

In Matty’s words, the source that passed along this information has ‘never been proven wrong’ thus far, but he neglected to offer up a name, of course.

It’s a potential extension on the waiting game that we’re already playing, and for the most part, fans are happy to accept another short delay, particularly if it means Bethesda can produce a game that is, by all accounts, already exceeding expectations.

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