Motorsport Games Employee Threatens to Leak Source Code of Four Games

It’s seemingly gone from bad to worse for Motorsport Games these past several months, with employees not being paid and threatening lawsuits, to its entire board of directors leaving the company over funding disputes.

In a new update from anonymous employees, Insider Gaming has learned that the company is now essentially being blackmailed to pay unpaid wages, or source code for four of its games will be released online.

Employee’s who spoke to Insider Gaming under the request of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak about company information has said that one employee has directly threatened Motorsport Games’ CEO, Dmitry Kozko, and the company’s new directors.

In the threat, it was said that the employee has source code for four of Motorsports’ games; NASCAR: Ignition 21, NASCAR: HEAT 5, Indycar, and KartKraft. The employee has demanded that unpaid wages are paid to employees by January 25, or the source code for all four games will be released publically online.

Speaking with other employees not familiar with the situation, it was said that they were “not surprised” that such drastic action was being taken from someone who probably has “nothing to lose”.

The comments were made following Insider Gaming’s report last week that the entire Russian studio, consisting of 30 or so employees had not been paid since October. In addition, it was revealed that some employees were offered to relocate to Georgia (with no help from the company), in order to be paid their salaries.

Employee’s that spoke to Insider Gaming strongly believe that Indycar is the next game from the company to release, but are strongly anticipating NASCAR 23 to be delayed until 2024.

As for if the source code for the games is released to the public by the end of the month remains to be seen, but we’ll keep you updated on the situation as we hear more.

Insider Gaming had reached out to Motorsport Games for official comment on the lawsuit threat but is yet to see a response.

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