Suicide Squad Leak Reveals Warzone-Like UI, Battle Pass Menu

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Hours ago, an image surfaced online that is reportedly scalped from the closed alpha of the upcoming Suicide Squad game, Kill the Justice League. In this screenshot, four of the Suicide Squad’s members pose against a dusky backdrop, surrounded by a UI that simply screams ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’.

From the way the squad itself is standing to the mode selection screens, it’s as though the UI has been ripped straight from Warzone, the decreasingly popular battle royale from Activision. However, there’s more to take away from the screenshot, such as the apparent existence of a battle pass, several in-game currencies, and options to purchase cosmetics.

Live Action Action Heroes

Suicide Squad: KtJL received an all-new trailer at The Game Awards in December 2022, solidifying the title as another chapter in the Batman: Arkham franchise. In a surprising twist, but not entirely unexpected, Batman was revealed to not be the protagonist in this adventure, but in a way, an antagonist.

It’s the final voice-acting performance of legendary VA Kevin Conroy, who has voiced Batman across entertainment mediums for years but sadly passed in November 2022.

At present, Suicide Squad is expected to launch in May 2023, but some fans have started wavering in their opinions of the game following the revelation of this alleged in-game screenshot and what it ultimately reveals.

Here’s what we can gather from the screenshot:

  • Suicide Squad will be a live-action hybrid title, boasting single- and multiplayer gameplay but also a battle pass optional upgrade.
  • There are no fewer than six in-game currencies, the identities of which are yet to be revealed but could point towards a rather ‘grindy’ requirement.
  • There’s a rather generic co-op vibe already present, with the UI and options closely resembling the likes of Warzone and Back 4 Blood.
  • An in-game store option suggests that skins and other cosmetics will be available to purchase, but that’s hardly a surprise.
  • There are matchmaking options that nod to the multiplayer aspect of the game, but there’s a direct indicator that suggests the entire squad can be made up of bots, which goes some way to confirming that the game can be fully explored both with friends or as a solo player.
  • There’s a loadout menu, which suggests the members of the Suicide Squad can be customised ahead of loading into a game – again, this further opens the door to microtransaction-like potential.

It’s not exactly possible to pass too strong a judgement on Suicide Squad just yet. There are a few months before the game is due to release and, as always, leaks of this nature should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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