GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition to Launch January 19 on Epic Games Store

It’s been anticipated for a number of months that GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition will soon be released on the Epic Games Store and leaker @Billbilkun has suggested the trilogy will release on January 19.

According to Billbilkun, who has accurately leaked the likes of the PlayStation Plus games each month for over a year, the trilogy will release on January 19 at 4PM UTC. In addition, the GTA trilogy will be on sale with a 50% discount for its first week.

Last week, a new Steam API update suggested that GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition will soon be coming to Steam, so we could expect a similar release date on Steam, too.

Despite a hugely popular game like Grand Theft Auto, fans don’t appear to be excited about the release though. On launch in 2021, the game received huge criticism from fans due to the game being full of bugs and issues.

The game was the subject of review bombing on Metacritic, resulting in a user review score of 0.4/10 at its nadir, among the lowest on the site. Reporters noted some user reviews cited a dislike of the game’s art style and the lack of advance copies sent to the press, with several demanding refunds.

It’s unclear if the PC version of the game has addressed these issues.

Are you looking forward to GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition?

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