New Steam Bundle Suggests GTA Trilogy Release is Coming

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It was discovered back in December that changes were being made behind the scenes that suggested the GTA Trilogy would be coming to both the Epic and Steam launchers in the ‘near future’.

For more than a month since those discoveries were made, no further news has been shared – until now. Following a change in the Steam back-end that seems to have bundled up all three components of the GTA Trilogy, it seems that at least Valve’s storefront is one step closer to finally offering for sale the trio of GTA titles.

It May Launch, But Will It Work?

When the GTA Trilogy was launched in its definitive condition, it was, unfortunately, riddled with bugs and performance issues across all platforms. There have been concerns for a long while that even if the GTA Trilogy does launch on Steam and the Epic Launcher, it won’t be all that popular owing to those stability issues – which reportedly still exist.

For more than a year, and since the Trilogy launched in 2021, the original versions of all three of the titles included in the bundle have been missing from both Steam and Epic. This includes:

  • GTA Vice City
  • GTA San Andreas

So, unless you’d already bought the games prior to their removal, you wouldn’t have been able to purchase them following their removal… Obviously.

Now, according to a transaction recorded by the Steam DB service, all three of the Definitive games have been merged into one bundle in the back end of Steam. At first glance, the transaction concerns totally unknown applications, but the App IDs have been confirmed by way of checking the Rockstar Launcher, and they absolutely do relate to the respective titles contained in the GTA Trilogy.

That’s a bit of a mouthful, but it does confirm that all three components of the GTA Trilogy have now been bundled by Rockstar on Steam, which suggests it’s set to launch very soon. This will not only bring the retro GTA titles back to Steam (and potentially Epic, at some point), but it’ll give users the ability to purchase them in their Definitive form, for better or worse.

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