Google Stadia’s Final Week Is Here, And Fans Are Heartbroken

google stadia closing down

In one week, Google Stadia will no longer exist. It was revealed months ago that the Google Stadia service would be completely and totally eradicated by the firm on the 18th of January, 2023. Reportedly, Google neglected to inform developers of this motion, instead opting to have the majority of them find out through social media announcements.

Stadia was launched toward the end of 2019, but owing to a lack of growth on the platform and the inexistence of any real traction, the service has become a thorn in Google’s side. While it was never a booming success, Google Stadia does boast a dedicated and loyal community, and it’s that community that now stands heartbroken as the platform’s final days wrap up.

And Just Like That, It’s Gone

Google won’t lose out completely following the closure of Google Stadia. It was reported that the infrastructural aspects of Stadia – the technological components – will be repurposed for Google’s subsidiaries: Google Play and YouTube, for example. But, from the 18th of January at 23:59 PT, the platform itself will cease to exist, with all users being unceremoniously booted offline.

On social media platforms like Reddit, fans are up in arms, emotionally recalling their fondest Stadia-related memories and pledging to never forget the service for as long as they live. For example, on the Stadia Discord server, a group of users has signed up for a special farewell event, which will see hundreds of gamers dive into Stadia on the final day of its operations, enjoying the platform for one last time.

Some developers have already wrapped up their Stadia-related offerings, with Bungie having closed down Destiny 2’s Stadia servers ahead of the event:

On the Stadia subreddit, some fans are pondering if a sealed Stadia controller would be considered a collector’s item one day. Others are more concerned that their promised refunds haven’t been received. And then, there are those that are vowing to have one last experience on the platform, despite never having actually used it up until now.

In an emotional farewell on Twitter, Stadia-focused creator, Bryant Chappel, summed up the thoughts of the community quite perfectly:

500 videos created, and this chapter of content is coming to an end. While it wasn’t for everyone, I loved playing on Stadia. Thank you to everyone who made this platform a reality, and to those who championed for the Stadia community behind the scenes.

Bryant Chappel (On Twitter)

There’s less than a week remaining – enjoy it while you still can, Stadians.

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