Starfield Controller and Headset Are Coming, But No Console, It’s Claimed

starfield controller direct

Recently, we covered imagery that had surfaced that allegedly revealed a special edition Starfield controller. Now, following a claim made on the XboxEra podcast, it seems that there may also be a Starfield-themed headset in the works that’ll go hand-in-hand with the controller when the game launches in September.

However, comments handed down by K. Asante on the latest episode of the podcast suggest that a limited edition Starfield Xbox Series X|S console will not make an appearance, much to the dismay of fans and collectors alike. It’s worth stressing that all of this is unconfirmed, but the evidence does strongly suggest that at least the Starfield controller is real.

Another Opportunity Missed?

Fans are hungry for a limited edition console of some kind, as this generation has been sorely starved of collector’s editions worthy of a hefty price tag. In previous generations, limited edition consoles were ten a penny (ironic, right?) but it seems that the tech titans at the top of the table are unwilling to service even the most highly-anticipated launches with a special offering.

Recently, Xbox took to the airwaves to reveal a Diablo 4 ‘bundle’ that was laughable, as it was hyped up but ultimately was revealed to be a standard Xbox Series X console with a digital version of the game included.

On the XboxEra podcast, K. Asante corroborated the reports of the limited edition Starfield controller, the imagery for which dropped just days ago. It looked too accurate to be a fake, but at present, it still hasn’t been confirmed by Microsoft as actually being in existence. That’s not all, though – K. Asante also spoke of a themed headset that will be launching hand-in-hand with the controller when Starfield drops on September 6th, 2023.

This is arguably Xbox’s biggest release in recent years, and the anticipation for it is off the charts. There’s an Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct show taking place in June that will further lift the lid on everything that these studios are working on, and who knows, perhaps we’ll see the Starfield controller – and headset – make an appearance?

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