Xbox Series X Diablo IV Bundle Officially Revealed

Days ago, it was suggested that a ‘special edition’ Diablo IV Xbox Series X console was about to be unveiled by Microsoft. Today, it was officially revealed – a Diablo IV Xbox Series X bundle – but it’s not what everyone thought it would be. There were imaginings of a super-sleek, custom build console that would be one of the only limited edition Xbox Series X units to ever see the light of day…

Instead, the Diablo IV bundle consists of a bog-standard, as-plain-as-it-gets Xbox Series X console, the stock-standard controller, and a digital copy of Diablo IV – with some extra content, of course. It is a Diablo IV bundle, after all.

It’s Almost Pointless

It’s being marketed as a ‘Diablo IV bundle’, but that’s only because it’s a standard Xbox Series X console bundled with a copy of the game. It also includes the ‘Light-Bearer Mount with Caparison of Faith Mount Armor’, so you’re not walking away without a little added bonus!

This super-cool bundle will retail at around $559 USD, and it can be pre-ordered today.

Or, you know, you could go out and just buy a regular Xbox Series X and start playing it now, then wait for Diablo IV to release on June 6th.

Since Microsoft launched the Halo 20th Anniversary Edition Xbox Series X console in 2021, there haven’t been any more special or limited runs of current-gen Xbox consoles. Throughout history, the limited edition console has been something of a staple for collectors. During the last generation, plenty of special edition Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles emerged, and before that, there were stacks of limited edition Xbox 360 designs.

Is it a missed opportunity, to release a Diablo IV bundle and simply throw in a standard console? Could it have at least been a little more… Red?

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