First 11 Minutes of Dead Island 2 Gameplay Revealed

dead island 2 gameplay

For those too excited to wait for the game to drop on April 21st, there’s an 11-minute trailer doing the rounds showing a neat introduction to Dead Island 2’s gameplay – particularly in the initial, opening scenes of the game. It’s an exciting glimpse into what’s to come, even if it isn’t technically showcasing anything brand new.

In the short-but-sweet snippet of Dead Island 2 gameplay, we’re exposed to the very first scenes of the semi-open-world zombie epic that’s dropping in a matter of days. It’s a no-holds-barred introduction that perfectly lifts the lid on what to expect in the game ahead.

Dead Island 2’s Intro Looks Superb

Personally, I’m incredibly excited by the prospect of Dead Island 2 dropping in just a few days. I was a massive fan of the original Dead Island, which was released way back in 2011, and the follow-up title, Dead Island: Riptide. I even enjoyed the cel-shaded spin-off, Escape Dead Island.

We’ve waited far too long for Dead Island 2, especially considering it was revealed a decade ago.

I got to sit down with Dead Island 2 recently, and I was absolutely blown away by what I experienced. It’s unequivocally Dead Island through and through, but it’s modernised to the max. It looks flawless, the combat system – FLESH – is mind-blowing and deeply violent, and there’s a fantastic mix of horror and humour to keep fans engaged for hours on end.

Here’s the eleven-minute video outlining a neat snippet of Dead Island 2 gameplay.

At this point, everyone is hoping that Dead Island 2 in its entirety will deliver – but fears are being abated by the fact that previews have been considerably favourable.

We’ll get the full picture when the game officially launches (a week earlier than intended) on April 21st.

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