Square Enix Wants Last Final Fantasy 7 Remake To Be Out Within 3 Years

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Combat Encounter Remake
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Square Enix is hoping that the last part of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy will be out within three years. The news comes via translated interviews from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ultimania book.

Translated by Audrey on Twitter, Tetsuya Nomura says that the storyline for the third game in the remake is completed. He also thinks voice acting for the game could begin “in the near future”.

In the book, producer Yoshinori Kitase also touches on the company’s desire to release the next game in the trilogy within three years.

“Kitase mentions FF7 Rebirth was actually done within 3 years since about one year was developing the DLC, and he hopes to be able to stick with that schedule for Part 3 too,” Audrey says.

Sticking with the development of the third game, specifically, Nomura added that Kitase brought up an idea to include something new within the next game that wasn’t a part of the original Final Fantasy 7 release. According to the book, Nomura is working on a way to “deliver” this element that will “make people happy if they can do it well”.

Lastly, the development team behind the third game will be the same as who worked on the first two games in the remake.

“He says the reason why FF7 Rebirth was such an efficient development period was because they retained the same staff,” Audrey adds.

Should they hit the three-year mark, the third game could be expected to release, likely on the next PlayStation console, in 2027. That would make the 30th anniversary of the release of the original Final Fantasy 7.

What do you think of the hopeful timeline for a release of the third game in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy? For more Insider Gaming, check out the three new games added to Nintendo Switch Online.

  1. But still no word on Kingdom Hearts 4?! Is 7 Part 3 coming out before it? Is the game even coming out?!

    1. Yeah that’s weird they showed KH4 first but Rebirth came out first and instead of updates on KH they’re talking about Part 3 already. I can see how that fan base is upset it looks like another long wait and there’s more weight on 4 since so many were upset by the weird execution of 3. I say cancel the game and be forward before disgruntled fans really lose their sh*t.

      1. Something weird has to be going on Dragon Quest 12 had similar problems too and that still has no release yet either even worse that just got a logo reveal no gameplay or promotional stuff.

    2. That means there’s development problems behind the scenes they showed footage too early. Square has had a lot of problems recently so the game could be pushed further and if they make this a priority my guess is you have to wait to next gen and by then Nomura could scrap it for a new story, new engine, and have to start again.

    3. That’s a good question is FF7 R3 coming out before KH4? I would say this is concerning.

    4. Final Fantasy 9 and 10 remakes will come out before Kingdom Hearts 4. I agree the old era was much better having to wait over 10+ years for a game is not the way.

      1. XI is coming for sure that remake will be turn based but I’m curious what’s going on with X remake now that you mention it.

      2. FF is tanking right now if they did as many KH games they would be thriving especially if it was on Switch too or had some releases on Switch.

  2. The game didn’t sell as well as Remake but they’re making another? That makes so much sense…

  3. They’re updating on a sequel to a game that came out 2 months ago but Kingdom Hearts still has no update even though 3 came out back in 2019? What is Square releasing next year?

    1. Given that background and DQ12 it is weird they haven’t shared on those previously announced games set to come out sooner but seem certain of 7

  4. Someone ask Nomura about Kingdom Hearts 4 and what’s going on with that? He needs to deliver that before he can talk about something else. He said back in 2022 we’d hear something post E3 2023 about the game and while E3 was cancelled it still didn’t happen! What is going on with that game I assumed if they showed gameplay then it would be further along.

    1. They probably should keep their mouths shut until they can set a proper release schedule. If part 3 comes out before any other game series they have it will create animosity.

  5. A better expectation to share would be when Kingdom Hearts 4 should be ready or when the next trailer will be since it’s been 2 years since the first reveal.

  6. It’s being reported Rebirth underperformed and did much worse than Remake. 16 also underperformed so then why do they keep making big budget AAA Final Fantasy games? This isn’t sustainable!

  7. It’s now being reported that part 2 isn’t selling well but they’re making part 3 already and square wonders why they have problems. Kingdom Hearts would have made a ton of money if they treated it with respect but instead they let it die honestly nothing can save them now.

  8. Now reports are rebirth underperformed and we heard last year 16 underperformed Square needs something else. I keep saying bring Sleeping Dogs back with Triad Wars and it would be huge just keep it rough and gritty. Maybe start with a remake then reform the studio.

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