Another Gameplay Trailer for Spider-Man: The Great Web Has Leaked Online

spider-man 2 gameplay

A second gameplay trailer for Insomniac Games’ multiplayer Spider-Man title named ‘The Great Web’ has leaked online.

The leaked trailer comes just 24 hours after the first trailer leaked online, which revealed some snippets of what the game entailed. You can watch the second trailer, which was uploaded to Twitter below:

The dialogue of the trailer says, “New York City, nothing in the whole world I wouldn’t do for this big beautiful apple. One moment you’re scarfing down a slice from Vinnie’s, the next, you’re stopping a super villain prison break. Best gig ever. But try not to lean too hard into the whole lone wolf thing, because this gig is a whole lot more fun when you’ve got friends. ( In fact, there are plenty of baddies out there that’d like to see you six feet under, which leads me to what’s really going on.”

It continues, “You know the great web, the interdimensional nexus of life, and destiny that connects all us spider pals together? A few of us here tried to protect it, but we failed. If the great web collapses it’s the end for us all. So, if you’re hearing this, those of you still able to swing across the great web, it’s time to come together and fix this mess. Good luck out there, you’re going to need it. This is, er, was, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man signing off.”

As pointed out in our original report of the first leaked trailer, the game looks fairly complete. So it’s somewhat baffleing as to why Sony decided to cancel it. Nonetheless, the game is now likely to never see the light of day, but it’s always cool to see what could have been.

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