Spider-Man: The Great Web Trailer Leaked Online

Following the gargantuan Insomniac leak that hit the company hard a couple of months ago, content is still being pulled out that’s revealing new, in-development, and cancelled projects, products, and concepts. Most recently, users stumbled upon a trailer for the cancelled multiplayer game, Spider-Man: The Great Web, and promptly leaked it online.

This was supposed to be a five-person multiplayer game built on a live service foundation, but it was struck down by Sony – as revealed by the Insomniac leaks. In the leaked trailer for The Great Web – which looks incredibly polished – we get a glimpse at what that product might have looked like.

With Great Web Comes Great Responsibility

In the short trailer that was leaked online today, Spider-Man: The Great Web is exposed in full, with the video showcasing incredible multiplayer elements that would have pit five players against the Sinister Six in New York City. It would have been built around a multiverse model, which was supposedly busted open by Scarlet Witch, and there would have been character customisation options leading to a diverse array of superheroes coming together to fight the big bad guys.

Here’s the dialogue from the trailer:

‘New York City. Nothing in the whole world I wouldn’t do for this big, beautiful apple. One moment you’re scarfing down a slice from Vinnie’s, the next – you’re stopping a super-villain prison break. Sometimes you can swing it as a lone wolf, but you’re way better off with some friends. I’ve seen the Sinister Six before… But never so methodical – so savage. I don’t think I’m going to be enough this time, guys. But together, we just might be.’

Months ago, a series of images leaked from The Great Web, but this is the first time we’ve seen a trailer surface. It’s narrated by Yuri Lowenthal – who voices Peter Parker – and it looks ready for market. It genuinely appears to be a trailer for a product that could have been released days after it was revealed – it’s bizarre and heartbreaking for Spider-Man fans the world over that the product won’t see the light of day.

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    1. sure the way they’re monetized are, but to say that multiplayer-first experiences themselves are cancer is hugely alienating for players that truly enjoy that kind of experience. the horrible monetization bubble is about to burst anyway—look at Helldivers 2, a Sony published live service game that doesn’t have those problems

  1. Interesting how marketing firms now *leak* things instead of ‘releasing’ things like they used to.

  2. I wonder if Insomniac purposely leaked this to see reactions on whether to move forward with it as a project. Maybe make the most of the hack and use it for their own marketing.

  3. I don’t have PS+ because I don’t have a need for it, so even if this game became a reality I couldn’t play it anyway. Not subscribing just to play 1 online game.

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