Spider-Cube: Insomniac Patched Out The ‘White Cube’ Issue


It’s a sad time for Spider-Man 2 fans the world over. It was just a few days ago that players started experiencing the most bizarre bug in the game, as their chosen Spider-Man morphed into a small, white cube — but still retained all of his abilities. Now, in record time, Insomniac has identified, fixed, and patched out the issue causing that bug to surface.

Okay, It Was Funny

In a lengthy video, one player showed how the Spider-Cube glitch impacted their playthrough. It was one of the more humourous bugs I’ve seen in recent years, as this small cube – which looks like a block of tofu – fought enemies, explored the map, and threw out a few one-liner quips.

Bizarrely, it didn’t seem to impact the Venom symbiote, when – when prompted – tried to detach itself from a character model that didn’t exist.

In the most recent update for Spider-Man 2, Insomniac fully patched out this problem, and also addressed the ‘flag-gate’ issue that saw them include a Cuban flag in Miles Morales’ house in place of a Puerto Rican one.

Will you miss Spider-Cube?

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