COD Warzone Mobile Already Has 45 Million Sign-Ups

cod warzone mobile

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is set to launch in just a few months and it has already proven to be an exciting prospect among mobile gaming fans the world over. It was revealed in a recent Call of Duty blog post that the game has pulled in 45 million sign-ups since the pre-registration phase began and that the full game will be releasing in ‘Spring 2024’ — so there isn’t all that long to wait.

That’s A Lot of Players

There’s one driving force pushing the impending success of COD Warzone Mobile ever upwards, and that’s the confirmed presence of Verdansk, the once-beloved map that Warzone debuted with back in 2020. It has been sorely missed by fans of the battle royale series since it was stripped from the game back in 2021, being replaced with Caldera — which many gamers despised.

In Spring 2024, COD fans will be dropping back into Verdnask once again, only this time, it’ll be on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Following on from the success of COD Mobile, COD Warzone Mobile is a huge drive to become even more embedded in the massively valuable mobile gaming market by Activision Blizzard – and now, Microsoft.

Warzone Mobile will also include a recreation of Rebirth Island, the small-form, high-octane map that was introduced way back in Blackout (in a way), but was rebuilt for the first iteration of Call of Duty Warzone.

Are you excited about COD Warzone Mobile?

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