Sniper Elite 5 ‘Kraken Awakes’ DLC Is Available Now

kraken awakes

It might be one of those games that never hit your radar, but Sniper Elite 5 turned out to be quite an enjoyable escapade when it was released in May 2022. It delivered the traditional, violent combat mechanics we’d come to know and love from the Sniper Elite franchise, pairing up those visceral, graphical elements with a relatively beautiful aesthetic and an entertaining enough story.

Well, the game remains alive today, and developer Rebellion isn’t done with it just yet. Today, the ‘Kraken Awakes’ DLC pack has been released, potentially offering up a fresh burst of life in the form of a new mission set, weapons, skins, and a new multiplayer map.

Take Down The Kraken

Reportedly, the Kraken Awakes DLC boasts a gripping narrative that’s inexorably tied to the Sniper Elite 5 universe at large. It’ll see players assume control once again of Karl Fairburne, arguably the greatest sniper to ever live, as he embarks on Operation Kraken to (hopefully) dispatch Friedrich Vogel, Nazi bad guy extraordinaire.

Not only do players get the mission pack, but they’ll also unlock the Mod.712 pistol, which has an ‘unrivalled’ rate of fire, which makes it perfect for slaying enemies at close range. For those seeking a change of visuals, Fairburne can be adorned with fresh drip as part of the Kraken Awakes DLC pack – which is nice, right?

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This pack effectively wraps up Season Pass Two, which can be purchased to unlock the Kraken Awakes and all preceding content in full. Otherwise, users can purchase the Kraken Awakes separately at a cost of £9.99 / €10.99 / $10.99. At the moment, Sniper Elite 5 is heavily discounted as part of the Steam Summer Sale, so perhaps it’s time to pick it up.

Did you enjoy playing Sniper Elite 5, are you still playing it, or did you never even get involved?

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