AEW: Fight Forever Is Getting a Bizarre Battle Royale Mode

stadium stampede

I remember once putting forward the notion that not every game out there needed a battle royale mode. It was around the time that Forza Horizon and Fallout 76 marketed their own spins on the increasingly-popular genre, but my words were lost against the wave of franchises muscling their way into the niche.

Now, in a bizarre twist of fate, it has been revealed that the sharpshooter devs working on AEW: Fight Forever have Irish-whipped up a battle royale mode of their own named Stadium Stampede. It looks absolutely insane at first blush, and now it’s up to the community to determine whether Stadium Stampede will be a stunner or if it’ll force the game to rock bottom.

That’s it – I don’t have any more wrestling puns.

Stadium Stampede Promises To Be Nuts

In an action-packed 30-second teaser, we see Stadium Stampede showcased in all its glory. It’s taking the royale rumble concept to the next level, throwing 30 wrestlers into an open stadium and giving them what is quite simply the most bizarre array of weapons and items to play around with.

Here’s the video:

‘Only one can reign supreme,’ the description beneath the video reads. It has been confirmed that this free-to-download mode will be dropping ‘soon’ in AEW: Fight Forever launched on the 28th of June to a mixed reception online, but fans are already excited about the potential hilarity of Stadium Stampede.

So, if you want to see Sting ride around on horseback or witness Bryan Danielson hurling molotovs at other wrestlers while avoiding an ever-shrinking combat zone, then… Play this, I guess?

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