NBA 2K24 Is Getting A Highly Requested Feature

NBA 2K24 Is Getting A Highly Requested Feature

UPDATE: In an update to the story, NBA 2K24’s new crossplay feature is for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 players only. It’s not available for those on last-gen, PC, or Nintendo Switch.

In addition, it will allow crossplay for all modes within the game.

ORIGINAL: On Thursday, it was revealed that Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant was set to be on the cover of the upcoming NBA 2K24 from 2K Sports. However, in a statement talking about the cover and the upcoming game, a highly requested feature was also confirmed for NBA 2K24.

According to Visual Concepts president Greg Thomas, the game will feature crossplay for the first time.

“As we celebrate 25 years of NBA 2K with Kobe Bryant, we commemorate his legacy and the generational impact he has had on the game of basketball,” Thomas said when announcing the cover. “While we mark the history of the franchise, NBA 2K24 also looks ahead to the future to bring an innovative leap in technology and the introduction of community-requested features like crossplay.”

No other details about the game have been revealed, but pre-orders for NBA 2K24 are set to open on Friday, July 7. That means more information should be known about the annual franchise in the coming days, including how crossplay will work.

NBA 2K24 launches this September.

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