Sims 5 “Project Rene” is Available on Pc, Console, and Mobile

Last week, Insider Gaming exclusively announced that Sims 5, known as Project Rene had officially started its playtesting this week.

Sources, who gained access to the playtests have shared that the current playtests are for both the PC and mobile devices, suggesting that Sims 5 will be available across all platforms.

During the initial Project Rene reveal, a quick glimpse of the game on mobile was seen.

It’s understood that small issues have caused the Sims 5 PC Playtest to be delayed by several days, however, the Sims 5 mobile tests have continued.

Supported Mobile Devices for the playtest include:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 and Newer
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and Newer
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Newer
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A10 and Newer
  • Google Pixel 5 and Newer
  • Samsung A11 and Newer

In addition to the supported mobile devices, last week’s initial email revealed that the Sims 5 playtest will focus primarily on our new object customization tool currently called “Workshop”.

Insider Gaming will soon be able to report what new features will be coming to Project Rene.

Project Rene was first announced on October 18th, 2022. “Rene” was chosen because it represents “our renewed commitment to the Sims”, Lyndsay Pearson said.

“We’re ushering in a new future for the Sims with a new game experience, and more”, she continued.

You can sign up for EA Playtesting by visiting our “How to become a Playtester“, which includes all the details you need to know about location, compensation, website links and more. Alternatively, you can visit the EA Playtesting website directly.

  1. I am very afraid that this mobile support will limit the PC game (in graphics and functionality).

    I add, the sims is a game that expands over time with DLC, how will these be supported by mobile? will we say goodbye to dlc?

    the sims 4 on ps4, it became unplayable if you have all the dlc’s, as the system holds all that content, so I wonder again, how will mobile support all this?

    I’m afraid the sims will no longer be the sims

    1. I bet mobile version will just have compressed textures and models, and maybe textures will be streamed from the cloud to save up space on mobile. Roblox uses same technology.

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