Should You Choose High Seas or Safer Seas in Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves Treasure
Image via Rare

For as long as I can remember, players in Sea of Thieves continually asked for a private PvE game mode that would remove the core mechanics involving PvP and allow for greater exploration and relaxation. It took years, but developer Rare finally listened. They launched Safer Seas. But which should you choose when playing Sea of Thieves, High Seas or Safer Seas?

High Seas in Sea of Thieves

The world is your oyster in the High Seas of Sea of Thieves. There is nothing locked, and the game is full loot PvP. You’ll interact with other players, either working together toward a common goal or sink them and steal their treasure; it’s your choice.

Alongside PvP, High Seas grants access to Athena’s Fortune and Reaper’s Bones Trading Companies. You can also find Chests of Legends, Chests of Fortune, and Reaper’s Chests, unlike in Safer Seas, where these items and merchants will be removed entirely.

Furthermore, playing High Seas is the only way to become a Pirate Legend, which requires achieving a Reputation Level of 50 with three Trading Companies.

Safer Seas in Sea of Thieves

For those who feel the overall experience of Sea of Thieves is ruined by the constant threat of PvP around each bend or over the wave in the distance, you’re in luck. No one is forced to choose between a sweaty PvP match with a teenager or turning in a chest full of loot, at least not if you choose Safer Seas.

Safer Seas is a private server in which you can borrow a vessel and sail the ocean in relative peace, playing alone or with a small crew of up to four players. You’ll still stumble upon all manner of nasty creatures, including the Meg, Kraken, and Ghost Ships.

But you won’t fight another player. You can learn the game’s mechanics, accumulate some gold by digging up treasure, or tackle quests without fear. The downside, however, is that some mechanics, like the end-game, will remain locked to the High Seas. Furthermore, gold and reputation are both reduced in Safer Seas.

If you intend to play Safer Seas to learn the game’s mechanics, learn to fish. It will help you earn some gold and keep food in your belly!