How to Fish in Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Fishing Rod
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I positively despise fishing mechanics in video games. They’re usually convoluted and tiresome—a way to elongate game hours. Sea of Thieves isn’t unique in its fishing mechanics, but the beautiful view as you cast a line off the side of your ship at sea can’t be beaten. Here’s how to fish in Sea of Thieves!

How Fishing Works in Sea of Thieves

Fishing in Sea of Thieves works similarly to other games in that you’ll cast your line and await a bite. Once you have a fish on the line, your primary goal is to tire them out so that you may reel in the line.

For instance, you pull your rod to the right if the fish swims to the left. If the fish swims right, pull to the left. Pull your rod up if the fish swims straight forward away from you. Eventually, the fish will tire. When it does, start reeling.

Sea of Thieves Fishing
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Unfortunately, reeling a fish in Sea of Thieves can take quite a bit of time. In my most recent session, I exclusively went fishing off the side of a dock. The first fish I caught fought four times before succumbing to my intense reeling.

Do You Need to Use Bait?

While you don’t need bait to fish in Sea of Thieves, it does help. You can attract a broad range of fish and more of them when using bait.

To find bait in Sea of Thieves, start digging up the terrain or check barrels on islands. There are Grubs, Leeches, and Earthworms; they all act as bait.

Where Do You Hand in Fish in Sea of Thieves?

Sea of Thieves Trophy Fish
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Once you manage to reel in a fish, you can either cook it below decks for a bit of sustenance or, the more lucrative option, sell your catch.

You can sell fish to The Hunter’s Call, found at:

  • The North Star Seapost
  • The Finest Trading Post
  • Three Paces East Seapost
  • Brian’s Bazaar
  • The Wild Treasures Store
  • The Spoils of Plenty Shore
  • Roaring Traders

The amount you receive per fish varies depending on the type of catch.

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