Can You Play Sea of Thieves Solo? – Answered

Sea of Thieves Solo
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From the High Seas to Safer Seas, the world of Sea of Thieves is often rife with danger. Sometimes, it’s better to have someone watching your back. But that’s not always an option. So, can you play Sea of Thieves solo?

Is Sea of Thieves Fun On Your Own?

In a pinch, you can play Sea of Thieves solo. However, whether or not it’s a fun experience is entirely up to you. If you’re playing on the High Seas, your solo vessel will likely come under assault at one point or another by a party of two or more players. If you’re okay with fighting a potentially losing battle, then by all means, enjoy yourself.

Alternatively, you can play Sea of Thieves’ Safer Seas, a solo mode that allows you to experience much of the game—minus PvP—with reduced rewards and some content locked away. But you’re the only one sailing, and it does become lonely.

Is Sea of Thieves Single Player?

While not technically single-player, Sea of Thieves is taking steps to introduce a private game mode that allows you to play without PvP. In Safer Seas, you and your party of friends can captain a vessel, uncover treasure, fight the Kraken, and so much more without the risk of PvP against another player, primarily because there are zero other players in the game with you.

That’s the downside. You won’t meet another player unless they’re in your party. In that regard, yeah, Sea of Thieves is single-player. It has a few stories to explore, like the Pirates of the Caribbean or Monkey Island content.

What Can You Do Solo in Sea of Thieves?

What you can do solo in Sea of Thieves depends on your game mode. If you play on the High Seas, you can do anything. You can battle other players, loot treasure, fish, tackle quests, and more. In Safer Seas, you cannot PvP or access some of the game’s end-game content, like specific merchants and quests. You’ll also receive reduced rewards for completing voyages and selling loot.

Alternatively, you can jump straight into Monkey Island from the game’s menu to experience the latest story-centric content.

Whether playing alone or with another pirate, take some downtime to learn how to fish in Sea of Thieves with Insider Gaming!