Saints Row Isn’t Dying Following Volition’s Shutdown

saints row volition

Days ago, it was revealed that after more than thirty years of operations, Volition – an Embracer studio – had closed its doors. It was a decision made during the ongoing restructuring of Embracer, and it came after the evaluation of ‘strategic and operational goals.’

In the time that followed, many fans and critics of the firm wondered alike what would be happening to Volition’s games, namely the Saints Row and Red Faction franchises, as surely the closure of the studio would have drastic implications on those series. In a follow-up statement to the Volition news, Deep Silver clarified what happens next with Volition’s games.

They’re Not Gone For Good

Fortunately, for fans of Volition’s games, it isn’t the end of the road. It might be that Saints Row (2022) was one of the worst games to release in recent years, but it wasn’t the final nail in the coffin for the series that has been in decline for more than a decade.

In the very brief statement published by Deep Silver on Twitter, it was revealed that Volition’s IPs will ‘live on’ at PLAION, whose most recent success exists in the form of Dead Island 2, one of the best open-world zombie games to emerge in recent years.

So, while Volition has been sadly shut down for good, its games will still exist, they’re just being created by a different developer moving forward.

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  1. So who? The only thing they could do is a remake of the first 2 games or prequels. Also on a similar note they bought Eidos and never clarified if they own Sleeping Dogs or not.

  2. I’m pretty sure red faction is owned by a different company so I don’t think they will be in the hands of this one sainst row is going too.

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