ROG Ally X Is Asus’s Next Handheld PC

asus rog ally X announced

Asus has announced — through The Verge — the ROG Ally X, the next handheld PC from the company as it looks to compete with Valve’s Steam Deck. The new device is set to launch later in 2024.

While some might want to call it the ROG Ally 2, this handheld isn’t it. The ROG Ally X will feature the same AMD Z1 Extreme chipset as the original as well as the same 48-120Hz VRR screen.

Where it does differ from the first ROG Ally is in battery life as the device will have a larger battery pack within the handheld. It will also have more memory compared to the 16GB in the original as well as longer M.2 2280 slot for more options with M.2 drives.

As far as full specifications (specs) for the device, that will come at a later date closer to launch.

Lastly, when it comes to the ROG Ally 2, that system won’t be coming, Asus says, until the company can offer players a major improvement over the original.

The full reveal of the ROG Ally X will come on June 2, according to Asus.

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  1. That’s incredibly disappointing especially with Strix Halo LP on the way and soon… With significantly better gaming performance vs the z1x

    1. But then you’d lose the 120hz screen and it would be bigger, like the LeGo

  2. Is it really a new system? If all they did was change the name. Most of us have already done those upgrades ourselves to the one we have now. It’s not a real new versiand tell.
    You at least double how it runs.

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