Suicide Squad Cost Warner Bros. $200 Million In Revenue

Suicide Squad Warner Bros. Revenue

The launch and performance of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League cost Warner Bros. $200 million in revenue. The revelation came during the company’s Q1 earnings report.

In its report, Warner Bros. said that the game’s release was “disappointing” and that it “generated significantly lower revenues”.

“Starting with Studios, the $400 million+ year-over-year decline during Q1 was primarily due to the very tough comp we faced in games against the success of Hogwart’s Legacy last year in the first quarter, in conjunction with the disappointing Suicide Squad release this past quarter, which we impaired, leading to a $200 million impact to EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation) during the first quarter,” CFO Gunnar Wiedenfels said during the investor call after the report was published.

The launch Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was one that saw multiple delays and plenty of mixed feedback from players before the game’s full launch. It even had to be pulled from stores right after early access release due to a bug that auto-completed the game.

As of writing the game sits with a critic rating of 60 (mixed) on Metacritic. The user rating on the platform is much lower at just a 3.5 out of 10.

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  1. WB needs to shut down WB games already. Just license out the AAA games maybe keep Multiversus.

    1. Maybe companies should stop spending exorbitant amounts of money of a single title stocked as full as possible with woke ideology. Stop supporting trash companies.

      1. Wtf. No one wanted an online suicide squad game. This has to do with woke. Weirdo alert

        1. Yes it does the game featured weird things and turned off the DC audience and regular people. The whole Harley and kid Ivy thing was weird and the race swap of Deadshot was not needed not to mention Wonder Woman not being effected by Brainiac and Batman’s death which was super disrespectful to Kevin Conroy also outside woke just really bad writing and understanding of the source material which sadly most DC projects in general face. The live service thing can take off but it has to be free and something interesting this was not that. Also Rocksteady built a rep for open world Batman games so not following with that caused problems and even worse the wait time between Arkham Knight and this was bad way too long. Lastly a Suicide Squad game to follow that was an awful decision the Squad needs to go back to its roots or being a group of low level villains doing shady covert ops work for the government to reduce their sentences they shouldn’t be fighting the Justice League it makes no sense. Tara Strong being in this could be a problem too she’s overly political and both sides strongly dislike her for her anti-Trump stuff and her zionist pro-Israel views which were racist towards colored people. WB as a whole in gaming has this problem Gotham Knights failed, MK 1 seems to be failing as well, the woke stuff is a problem but it’s worse when they push the live service stuff in a game you already pay $70 for not to mention heavy glitches. Fans are still upset they didn’t get a Batman Beyond game and now Kevin Conroy is dead so who knows if it happens or if it would be as good.

        1. You’re the one who looks stupid the wokeness did hurt this game as well as other stuff. You had time to type in various letter upper and lower like that? I guess you support the kid Ivy and adult Harley relationship.

  2. I could see WB pulling a Microsoft here. Gotham Knights underperformed they don’t talk about it anymore, Monolith’s Wonder Woman game hasn’t had an update in years, and MK1 didn’t perform nearly as well as MK11. I could see them all shutting down randomly and any planned DLC being cancelled especially NRS the amount of money to have Megan Fox, Jean Claude, John Cena, Omni-Man, Homelander, and more while on a big budget for Unreal 4 must be crazy and the live-service stuff hasn’t taken off for the game like they hoped.

  3. The game was shit. The combat doesn’t open up or become interesting until later on, by which you’re bored out of your mind. It also doesn’t change much without unique item effects.

    End game fights are just redone fights of things you’ve already fought. And to make it worse, they want you to grind out the same repeat end game content for like 46 levels.

    WB needs to stop doubling down on this live service stuff. They were told it isn’t going to end well. And it didn’t end well. Yet they want to focus on more of them?!


    1. Multiversus does well so they will continue. Live service is the future of gaming whether you like it or not everyone in the AAA space has to do it that’s what they want to be profitable at the highest margin.

  4. This was not the game to make a live service free to play game set in the DC multiverse or WB multiverse would be money. They should do that, bring Fusion Fall back too make it a console and PC game, Lego Universe that game was fire once again make it free to play. Open world MMORPG Harry Potter would be epic too and Avalanche has experience in that space just make it free to play, The Matrix as a MMO could be fire too, Lord Of The Rings obvious, ThunderCats could be crazy, Swat Kats, even like a Flintstones cel shaded build a world type thing where it’s like a life sim but with mining options too and adventures. Green Lantern as a MMORPG would also be great and you could pick your color corp or switch later on and create your character, Legion Of Superheroes is another, they could partner with Legendary for a Pacific Rim MMORPG where you build your mechs and fight kaiju while exploring the world for upgrades and clues on kaiju, MonsterVerse could be epic too maybe a third person team shooter a battle royal too where you can pick kaiju or make your own to battle others with. Suicide Squad maybe could have worked this way too if it was more like the comics create your character a low level villain who gets recruited to the squad and has to do the undercover missions for Waller or it could be a quest in a larger project and you could run small organized crime operations growing as a villain but the threats go up the more you rank up and grow. MultiVerusus for sure needs a ton of updates I mean the roster should be massive and the stages should be endless I don’t know why they didn’t bring that studio into WB Games and just get them all the resources they need to make the ultimate WBD Smash like with every property they own in it make it a fanboy dream. Another thing a Toon Town clone would be huge with the Looney Tunes and Amblin characters Animaniacs, Freakzoid, those guys. Blade Runner too another missed opportunity.

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