Rocket Racing Leak Teases Potential UI Overhaul & Modes

Rocket Racing Neon Rush Cars

According to a new post on X, frequent leaker @SamLeakss and @ImPeQu both showcased a UI overhaul and modes potentially coming to Rocket Racing.

The original leak from @ImPeQu includes an image of the new UI. It teases that “Inferno Island” may be the title for Season 2.

@SamLeakss reposted the accompanying image of Rocket Racing’s updated UI. This features a tidy menu and some modes that could arrive in Rocket Racing soon.

The leak shows off a Casual playlist, a Featured Track option, as well as a training mode. Further, @SamLeakss points out that Lockjaw appears in the image, implying it may be “coming as a customizable car in the future.”

Rocket Racing most recently added a Neon Rush update in April 2024. It got a boost from creator-made tracks built with UEFN, and a variety of fixes. The devs also stated that “we decided not to approach major updates as typical Seasons.”

@SamLeakss frequently posts about Fortnite-related content. That includes claims about a Mandalorian crossover with Fortnite last March.

In a new post today, leaker @BeastFNCreative also claimed that the new Rocket Racing season will be Inferno Island. @BeastFNCreative previously posted about UEFN getting the Rocket Racing editor.

At this time, Epic Games has not confirmed any of the above claims about Inferno Island or Rocket Racing’s UI overhaul. The final UI and modes are possibly still subject to change.

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