Fortnite x Pirates of the Caribbean Collaboration Confirmed for July 19

Fortnite is arguably the best game for collaborations, bringing characters, worlds, and much more from many franchises to this battle royale title. The next Fortnite collaboration is with Pirates of the Caribbean, bringing skins, emotes, and more from Disney’s sea-faring franchise. Reliable leakers such as HYPEX and ShiinaBR have posted nonstop about this collaboration since Saturday, June 22, and we finally have a release date. Learn more details below. 

Me Hearties

On June 22, we were treated to a surprise from reliable Fortnite leakers HYPEX and ShiinaBR. They detailed the features of the Fortnite x Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration, leaking details such as the loading screen, a mini pass, the Jack Sparrow skin and much more.

To everyone’s surprise, Epic made the Pirates of the Caribbean mini-pass go live on the Fortnite Item Shop soon after these tweets without any prior announcements. Unsurprisingly, the mini-pass listing was promptly removed from the store. However, many players had already purchased it in the meantime, adding to the excitement and anticipation. 

The Pirates of the Caribbean mini-pass, titled Cursed Sailed Pass, was unexpectedly offered to the players before its intended release date. The players who managed to buy the pass in that time unlocked the Jack Sparrow skin.

However, they couldn’t progress further in the past. The official Fortnite Status account had to clarify the situation, stating that the players who bought the pass before the intended release date can only use the Jack Sparrow skin until it officially arrives. Interestingly, the Fortnite Status account also confirmed that the planned release date for the Cursed Sails Pass is July 19, 2024. 

According to the leaks, the Cursed Sails Pass is set to include a treasure trove of in-game items. These include Jack’s Sword pickaxe, Jack’s Compass back bling, a Cursed variation of the Jack Sparrow Skin, Jar of Dirt emote, Sparrow Run emote, Pirate’s Grin emoticon, a banner icon, and 4 level tokens. Each item is designed to bring a touch of Pirates of the Caribbean magic to your Fortnite experience. 

If you aren’t happy about the waiting time for the Pass to go live and wish to refund your purchase and return the Jack Sparrow skin, you can contact the player support team. In other Fortnite news, their new Reload game mode just went live recently, and their esports tournaments will no longer be region-locked

Are you excited about the Fortnite X Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration? Let us know in the comments. 

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