Rise of the Ronin: Everything We Know About Rise of the Ronin

rise of the ronin

Many people have been criticizing the PS5 for having a lack of exclusives but the wait is finally over. PlayStation has given Rise of the Ronin a release date and Team Ninja’s upcoming open-world action game might be what saves the year. Team Ninja has been very vocal about their game in the weeks leading up to its release. We’ve seen trailers, interviews with the developers, and a behind-the-scenes look at the development process.

Excitement sure is through the roof and everyone’s hoping it plays even better. Here’s a detailed look at Rise of the Ronin’s story, platforms, and everything else we know so far.

When is Rise of the Ronin Coming Out?

It’s happening sooner than anticipated. Rise of the Ronin will be released on March 22, 2024

Last year Team Ninja released Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, an action RPG. After that fans expected Rise of the Ronin to be a few years away at least, however, PlayStation surprised us at The Game Awards when a trailer for the game was dropped confirming March 2024 as the release month.

Rise of The Ronin Won’t Be Releasing In Korea

In the recent Rise of the Ronin behind-the-scenes video published by PlayStation on its YouTube channel, the games’ director Fumihiko Yasuda praised Japanese scholar Yoshida Shōin by comparing him to Socrates. This reportedly wasn’t received well in the Korean community as Yoshida promoted the ‘Jeonghan Theory’, a proposition in which Japan tried to conquer Korean lands.

Following the backlash, PlayStation promptly stated Rise of the Ronin wasn’t launching in Korea from the get-go, though people are having a hard time believing that given the circumstances. Whatever the actual reason is, unfortunately, Team Ninja games aren’t going to be released in Korea for quite some time now.

Rise of the Ronin Platforms

Rise of the Ronin is coming to PS5 consoles only. Since it’s a PlayStation exclusive, we expected as much. It’s likely a Rise of the Ronin PC port will be available after 2 years or so, but as far as Xbox is concerned, that’s not going to happen.

PlayStation also has other first-party PS5 exclusives lined up this year. Stellar Blade is coming in April whereas Silent Hill 2 is slated to arrive at a later date. PlayStation 5 owners will be having the best year yet with so many exclusives heading their way, and as Rise of the Ronin looks spectacular so far, things will be starting with a bang.

Most Recent “Rise of the Ronin Trailer

The latest gameplay overview trailer for Rise of the Ronin is jam-packed with sword-slashing, guns, and clips of using a grappling hook and kite to glide around Bakumatsu Japan if you could believe it.

A Mix of Ghost of Tsushima, Sekiro, And Original Team Ninja Ideas

Rise of the Ronin feels similar to Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro. You can see the protagonist use different stances in the trailer in the same way Jin Sakai does in Ghost of Tsushima. Then a claw-bearing enemy is shown fighting and it eerily resembles the Long-arm Centipede Giraffe mini-boss from Sekiro. The grappling hook Ronin uses to glide is also something that the protagonist of Sekiro uses.

The gameplay seems to be a mix of Team Ninja’s combat from Wo Long and the best bits of Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro. Rise of the Ronin feels like it’s heavily influenced by the Soulslike genre, then again, almost all of Team Ninja’s major titles are in a way.

As discussed above, we’ve also seen a behind-the-scenes video and it was titled Chapter 1: The Beginning. This indicates that at least one or perhaps two more such videos will be coming out in the weeks ahead before the release. 

Rise of the Ronin is shaping up to be a blockbuster title for the PS5. It’s looking better than expected and hopefully, Team Ninja can deliver one of the best PS5 games of all time.

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