Resident Evil Village Hits 10 Million Units Sold Globally

In a new press release from Capcom today, Resident Evil Village has officially sold 10 million units globally since it first launched in 2021.

Capcom adds that Resident Evil Village is now “the fastest title in the series to hit this milestone.” Further, the press release states that “the title continues to gain new users, selling approximately 2 million units each year.”

This is partly attributed to the support for new platforms. Capcom wisely capitalized on the Halloween season in 2023, bringing Resident Evil Village to iPhone and iPad devices on October 30 last year.

Resident Evil Village earned strong ratings at launch, and still maintains Very Positive ratings on Steam. It is often praised for its narrative and inventive horror.

Claims from reliable leaker Dusk Golem surfaced last month about the next major installment of the Resident Evil franchise. They first suggested it could launch in January 2025, but later elaborated that it isn’t coming anytime soon.

Two weeks ago, the same leaker also claimed that Resident Evil Code Veronica and Resident Evil Zero could be Capcom’s next remakes for the series. Late last year, Capcom officially confirmed that it plans to continue making Resident Evil remakes. This isn’t likely to slow down following the enormous success of Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil Village is available globally on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch.

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  1. They need to wrap up the story for Resident Evil hopefully 9 or more so 10 can finally wrap up the whole story. Hopefully they can remake 0, Code Veronica, 1, Revelations, and Revelations 2 next also Dino Crisis and Haunting Grounds.

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