Redfall’s Latest Update Adds New Weapon, Boosts Performance

redfall update

Arkane Austin is nothing if not persistent with Redfall. It launched to a miserable reception in May of this year and was quickly abandoned by any that came into contact with it. It retained a minuscule cult following, but ultimately, it became regarded as one of the most severe gaming failures in recent years.

However, Arkane Austin hasn’t given up, and following an overhaul update that introduced 60 FPS performance mode months after launch, more patches have been released. It hasn’t had a massive impact on the game’s player count, but it’s representative of the effort that Arkane Austin continues to put into Redfall, which ultimately managed to publicly disappoint Phil Spencer, the CEO of Microsoft Gaming.

Getting Better

In the latest Redfall update, Arkane Austin has added a new ‘Unrivaled’ sniper rifle, the Basilisk. It’s a super-powered weapon that’s the bane of vampires the world over, and it can be found in random drops.

That’s the headline for the update, but elsewhere, Arkane Austin has applied dozens of fixes and changes to further stabilise the game. There were changes made in the performance and stability category to avoid FPS drops and stuttering, something that has been a huge issue since the moment Redfall was released.

There were updates made to the game’s accessibility options and features, changes made to the user interface, and some adjustments applied to the game’s heroes and some elements of gameplay. For instance, human enemies can now climb awnings and will move along improved paths with more realistic animations.

Are you still playing Redfall?

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