Red Dead Redemption ‘Remaster’ Data Found in Site Update

red dead redemption remaster

For months, rumours have been circulating regarding a Red Dead Redemption remaster – or potentially a full remake – but nothing has been confirmed just yet. Recently, references were uncovered following an update to Rockstar’s website that suggests something is on the way, with a new version of Red Dead Redemption being listed – along with an all-new logo.

It’s the closest thing we’ve had to confirmation thus far that the project is even taking place behind closed doors. Most recently, it was suggested that the Red Dead Redemption remaster could be revealed in August 2023, and considering that’s just days away, Rockstar’s latest changes could be an indicator that the gaming titan is preparing to make such an announcement.

Are We Going Back?

Let’s face it, Red Dead Redemption was one of the most phenomenal games of its generation, and Red Dead Redemption 2 was even better. For the longest time, fans have been calling for a remaster of the first game – but a remake in RDR2’s engine is the ideal goal.

Recent data dug up by prominent Rockstar leaker, Tez2, suggests that the firm is gearing up to reveal the Red Dead Redemption remaster that everyone is waiting for. In a post on Twitter (sorry, ‘X’), Tez2 revealed a new logo, along with a codename – RDR1RSP – and a new game title – Red Dead Redemption (Rockstar Presents Ver).

Are you ready to experience John Marston’s story once again?

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  1. As a PC only gamer, I’m ready to experience it for the first time. For me it will be a true sequel.

  2. To be released and then abandoned just like RDR2 I can just picture it already. Ah well… RDR2 was a masterpiece don’t get me wrong, just wish it could’ve got more updates etc. Hope this one isn’t being developed from rockstar hiring another mobile studio either. Don’t want another GTA remaster mess LMAO. I highly doubt they’d do this to such a big title although so my hopes are high with this one. I am excited to say the least. Waiting for GTA 6 as well I may die before it’s released at the rate I’m going tbh ah well someone toss a copy into my grave at least. ?? jokes aside YEEET.

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