Is a Red Dead Redemption Remaster About to be Revealed?

red dead remaster

Recently, the South Korean ratings board suddenly published a classification for ‘Red Dead Redemption’, way more than a decade after the game was released. This, paired with rumours of such a project existing, has given way to the belief that we’re extremely close to seeing a Red Dead Redemption remaster surface.

Well, it doesn’t end there. In an episode of the Sacred Symbols podcast (which is behind a Patreon paywall), Colin Moriarty claimed that he had seen ‘proof’ that the Red Dead Redemption remaster actually exists. He believes it’s going to be announced in August 2023.

Is It A GTA 6 Diversion?

Is this Rockstar Games planning to divert attention away from the lack of information regarding GTA 6, or is it a genuine effort to tick a box and offer up a little fan service in the form of a Red Dead Redemption remaster?

Either way, colour me excited.

Red Dead Redemption was released in 2010 to critical acclaim, rapidly rising to become regarded as one of the most iconic games of the generation. It was followed up in 2017 with Red Dead Redemption 2, but since then, the franchise has gone quiet, with no real updates having emerged.

According to Colin Moriarty, former editor at IGN, Rockstar has been neck-deep in producing the Red Dead Redemption remaster, and previous rumours of the cancellation of this project were greatly exaggerated. He said (thanks to John Elden Ring on Icon-Era for the quote):

I can say I have seen confirmation that this is real. I don’t think you need this confirmation, but I had someone reach out to me behind the scenes that showed me something that definitively shows this game is coming. Maybe even imminently with an announcement maybe in like August. So, not a huge surprise, you don’t need to tell you that South Korean ratings board doesn’t just rate things. They rate things that are submitted to them.

There has also been a claim made – an uncorroborated one – that suggests both Red Dead Redemption and its zombie-themed spin-off, Undead Nightmare, are being remastered.

Are you excited about the prospect of a Red Dead Redemption remaster?

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