RE4 Remake Mercenaries Characters and Outfits Leaked

re4 remake mercenaries

On Twitter, a leak was posted that allegedly reveals several skins and characters for the upcoming RE4 Remake Mercenaries DLC, which is due to drop on April 7th. The leak that uncovered this content came from a dataminer who also broke the news regarding references to the Separate Ways DLC existing.

Since the content has been shared online, fresh excitement has been ignited, confirming a slew of characters set to make an appearance in the RE4 Remake Mercenaries mode. This age-old, fan-favourite mode is set to perfectly expand a game that millions of people are already overwhelmingly impressed by.

What a Lineup

The leaks that have revealed the characters for the RE4 Remake Mercenaries DLC have also revealed that it’s a star-studded lineup like no other. It’s nothing if not an uber-iconic collection of characters that players will be pleased to see either making an appearance in Mercenaries or coming over from the main game with an all-new outfit or two.

From Ada Wong in her trademark red dresses to Luis showing up ready to slay, there’s a fine assortment of models making their way into Mercenaries when it drops on April 7th.

Even HUNK is making an appearance alongside other iconic characters like Albert ‘Giga-chad’ Wesker and Krauser. It was also highlighted that, in some shots, all-new outfits also appear to give characters fresh loadouts, weapons-wise.

At some point, players are also expected to gain access to the Separate Ways DLC, which was last seen on PlayStation 2 and serves as an expansion to Ada Wong’s own story in Resident Evil 4. This is yet to be confirmed by Capcom in an official capacity, but the dataminers have been putting in some fantastic and accurate efforts throughout the lifecycle of the RE4 Remake.

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