A Cute Rainbow Six Game Has Come to Netflix

rainbow six smol

Ubisoft recently revealed Rainbow Six: SMOL, a top-down, adorable take on Rainbow Six that features rogue-lite challenges and adorable gunplay. It’s available exclusively on Netflix Games, making it a big win for the platform. Rainbow Six: SMOL offers a unique take on the 25-year-old franchise, fusing tactical, squad-based action with a range of iconic operators from Rainbow Six: Siege and elements of destruction.

Rainbow Six, But Adorable

Recently, Netflix’s gaming offering has gone from strength to strength. Last year, the service was updated with the GTA Trilogy, a collection of games that bolstered the service and pulled in hundreds of thousands of users.

Now, those same users will be excited to play Rainbow Six: SMOL, a brand-new game that’s exclusively available on Netflix Games via an Android or an iOS device.

In Ubisoft’s words:

Welcome to the wild world of Rainbow Six: SMOL, where top-down chaos meets rogue-lite challenge on your mobile device. Developed by Ubisoft and published by Netflix, the game throws you into a twisted yet delightful cute version of the serious and realistic Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six universe.

There are five game modes in SMOL and an ‘intuitive’ control system that makes the game a joy to play. As Rainbow Six Mobile is still in development, SMOL should be a solid stopgap for players hungry to play an R6 game on the go.

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