Jim Ryan Broke Down His Top PlayStation Games of Every Generation

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Next month, Jim Ryan will leave Sony Interactive Entertainment after thirty years at the company. He’ll be vacating the position of CEO, after which the current COO, Hiroko Totoki will step into the role in an interim capacity. Recently, Ryan gave up some sincere sentiments in an interview that looked back at his three decades at Sony, touching upon his favourite games from every generation of PlayStation.

Jim Ryan’s Top Titles

In the interview with Variety, Jim Ryan spoke fondly of his thirty years in the business:

I’m just so grateful that I didn’t work in a boring industry.

He spoke about the issues facing the industry at present, such as the mass layoffs that have impacted more than ten thousand developers in little more than a year. He was blunt about the topic, stressing that ‘nobody can ever be complacent, and nobody can ever feel that anything’s forever.’

In a look back at his career with PlayStation and Sony, Ryan broke down his top titles from every generation of PlayStation, from the PS1 to the PS5 – he’s been there for all of them, after all.

  • PS1: Ridge Racer (1994) ‘It set the standard for much of what was to follow in that generation.’
  • PS2: Grand Theft Auto 3 (2001) ‘It had a huge and lasting impact on the gaming industry and certainly on PlayStation.’
  • PS3: Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (2007) ‘I’m very proud that that came from our own studio, Naughty Dog.’
  • PS4: Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018) ‘That was game so amazing and seemed to resonate so well with the PlayStation community.’
  • PS5: God of War Ragnarok (2022) ‘It’s obviously a wonderful game and was wonderfully critiqued.’

Next month, Jim Ryan will depart Sony Interactive Entertainment, moving on to ‘a few things’ that he has ‘bubbling’, and to finish up the interview, he explained that his life is going to be taken in a ‘little different direction’ going forward.

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