Fun Dog Reveals First Trailer For The Forever Winter

the forever winter

Fun Dog Studios is an all-new team founded by former Mass Effect, Doom, and Horizon: Zero Dawn developers. It was stood up in 2022 but has remained in the shadows since then. Recently, the studio dropped a cinematic trailer for its first game, a tactical horror survival title called The Forever Winter.

In Fun Dog’s words, The Forever Winter is a ‘tactical survival horror shooter where you and your squad must loot the dead to survive under the shadow of terrifying and gargantuan war machines locked in a never-ending conflict’.

As Intense As It Gets

In the cinematic trailer released by Fun Dog, we’re given a superb first look at the world in The Forever Winter. It’s a bleak, war-soaked, and somewhat terrifying title with a unique style and plenty of potential. Following the release of the trailer, The Forever Winter became available to wishlist on Steam, which is the only platform on which TFW will be released (but we don’t know when).

It was stressed that this title is post-apocalyptic by nature, and the game’s ‘dynamic encounter system’ keeps things fresh and unpredictable. Players are invited to use a mix of stealth and balls-to-the-wall hardcore gunplay to navigate their objectives, and part of the game’s description makes it sound like an extraction shooter in some ways.

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