Princess Peach is Getting Her Own Game in 2024

In the latest Nintendo Earnings Release, it’s been re-confirmed that Princess Peach will be getting her own video game in 2024.

The description for the game simply reads, “Princess Peach will star as a main character in a brand new game”.

Princess Peach has been a staple character in the Mario franchise since 1985 (Super Mario Bros.), and has only seen an appearance in one of her own video games before; the Nintendo DS game ‘Spuer Princess Peach’.

Princess Peach made her latest appearance in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, with the plot focused on the battle between the Mushroom Kingdom, led by Princess Peach, and the Koopas, led by Bowser. The movie broke records for being the biggest animated movie opening of all time (beating 2019’s Frozen 2).

Unfortunately, the Earnings press release doesn’t give any other information on what to expect apart from the vague 2024 release date, but we hope that we’ll hear more about the game later this year. It’s not clear if the game will launch on the Nintendo Switch, or the long-awaited Nintendo Switch 2 that could release in late 2024.

The game was first announced during the June Nintendo Direct.

Are you looking forward to a Princess Peach game?

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