PlayStation Summer Showcase To Prepare Fans For Next Phase Of PS5, Journalist Says

PlayStation showcase

Sony is gearing up for the next phase of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) with a summer showcase, according to journalist Jeff Grubb.

During the latest episode of the Game Mess Decides podcast, Grubb says that the recent State of Play was never going to be a massive showing from Sony. Instead, he claims, the company has been waiting on a different showing to get fans excited.

“They’re [Sony] saving their good stuff for the PlayStation Showcase that’s going to happen before E3,” Grubb says around the 32:00 mark of the video below. “It was supposed to happen last fall; they kept pushing back because their developers weren’t ready.

“Now that those developers are ready, they should have a massive show that really sets up the second phase of the PlayStation 5.”

The PS5 is in its third year on the market, and while sales have been strong, many fans are starting to have the itch for more from Sony. A major summer PlayStation Showcase could be just what the doctor ordered to rebuild the hype for a console that is starting to become more easily available to players.

But what exactly could that hype entail? Aside from games that are in development, Sony has been working on a new version of the PS5 that features a detachable disc drive. In addition, the company is working on wireless earbuds and a new wireless headset for the console.

The new version of the console will have nearly identical hardware as the current PS5 models. The headsets aren’t expected until closer to the end of the 2023 fiscal year which ends March 2024.

What are you hoping to see during the next few years from Sony and the PS5?

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  1. Would love to see more PS5 exclusive games and more info on “Avatar Frontiers of Pandora”.

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