PlayStation Studio Firesprite Accused of Toxic Workplace

Horizon Call Of The Mountain VR

According to a new report from Eurogamer, staff at PlayStation studio Firesprite claim it has suffered from a toxic workplace culture.

Aside from general discontent, some sources for the investigation accuse “two senior leaders from Sony support studio XDev” of sexual discrimination and ageism. This allegedly resulted in 13 grievance complaints submitted against them.

Reportedly, Sony’s internal investigation found that these claims only amounted to a “misunderstanding”.

PlayStation fans will likely recognize Firesprite for their work on Horizon Call of the Mountain. They also contributed to the platform staple The Playroom, featuring Astro Bot. Sony is reportedly planning a new Astro Bot game for 2024.

Horizon Call Of The Mountain VR

Some of Eurogamer’s sources suggested that “Sony’s corporate view had altered company culture”.

As for the old guard of trusted leadership, some staff speculate that “the founders were forced out by Sony rather than taking a voluntary exit”.

Anonymous staff at Firesprite describe the new leadership as “tyrants” and “bullies”.

Some staff were hesitant to speak up, somewhat reinforcing the alleged culture of fear. Today’s report mentions a “fear of reprisal”.

A toxic workplace is draining, stressful, and often keeps employees looking over their shoulder. Workers deserve a healthy environment to create, with supportive colleagues and leaders.

Earlier this week, PlayStation announced it would lay off 900 employees, the equivalent of about 8% of its global workforce.

PlayStation confirmed that “there will be reductions in Firesprite studio”. However, Eurogamer’s investigation did begin before PlayStation announced these plans.

PlayStation is also planning to close the London Studio “in its entirety”. Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games are also affected, and the latter eventually issued a full statement about the layoffs.

Sony and PlayStation have not issued an official response to Eurogamer’s investigation at this time.

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