When Is The PlayStation 5 Pro Release Date? (PS5 Pro)

PS5 Update April

In case you’ve been out of the loop, we recently confirmed what’s under the hood of the PlayStation 5 Pro, Sony’s next attempt to stay ahead of the competition and keep cornering that all-important hardware market. It’s all well and good knowing the console’s specifications, but when is the PlayStation 5 Pro release date, and when can you start getting your orders in?

When is the PlayStation 5 Pro Coming Out?

From trusted sources inside Sony, Insider Gaming has confirmed that the PlayStation 5 Pro aims for a ‘tentative’ Holiday 2024 release. It was referenced that there could be a pushback owing to the lack of PlayStation 5 exclusives coming out this year, but it likely wouldn’t be delayed by too long.

It’s unknown when Sony will let you pre-order the PlayStation 5 Pro, but we can’t imagine it’ll be long after a grand reveal. Insider Gaming’s sources confirmed that the PlayStation 5 Pro will render 45% faster than the PS5, boasting next-generation PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution Upscaling and custom-built machine learning architecture.

You can learn about the full PlayStation 5 Pro specifications in our exclusive article breaking it down. We’ll have the latest information on the PlayStation 5 Pro release date as soon as it surfaces.

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