Balatro Is Coming To iPhone, More Updates Planned

Balatro , the poker-themed roguelike deckbuilder that has taken the gaming world by storm, is coming to iPhone.

In talking with iMore, developer LocalThunk said that the game will be coming to the platform. However, there’s no set timetable on a release date for the iPhone. Right now, if you want to play the game on the go, you can do so with a handheld gaming PC or the Steam Deck, where it’s fully verified.

As far as the future of the game that has received 97% positive reviews on Steam since its release, LocalThunk says more updates to the game are coming. Again, though, he didn’t give more details as to what could be coming.

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One thing he did say, however, is that he didn’t want to “bloat” the game with more mechanics.

“He said the way forward would be ‘possibly more secrets. Definitely some new and interesting design space I am excited to explore!’,” the story reads.

What do you think of Balatro coming to iPhone and getting more updates down the line? For more Insider Gaming, check out the latest trailer for Squirrel with a Gun as well as its release date window.